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Entry #1 to re-open in 2008

2007-07-18 19:17:04 by nIcO-gR

Well after my little website project started in December 2006 it was cancelled for a while, but in September it will re-open. I thought I would shut the website down to dedicate more time to soccer and music. Well it will be back soon.


Video Portal
Email Accounts
Online Community
Search Engine (Web, Images, News, Video, Local)

Other Sutff...

Also will be made in the following languages:
Spanish, German, French, & Italian

September 2007


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2007-11-13 08:15:43

Happy birthday! :)


2008-01-27 20:26:52

The site still isn't working and it's already January 2008...please fix this!

nIcO-gR responds:

Yeah about that... It will be up this summer, but hey, if you got any spanish friends tell them to go to the spanish version of the website which is almost completed:


2008-02-21 04:56:06

:D willing to make a anti spam flash :P?

(Updated ) nIcO-gR responds:

Oh wait, now I remember, sure, we could do like a anti KK collab, not until like 1 week though, I´m on vacation in another country and I´ll be back sometime this week... till´then I try to think on some stuff, we got to round up a bunch of flash authors that also hate the KK as much as we do.


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